About Us

About ties from PKo Designs

Art and fashion socialize in each PKo tie we create. Hand painted, no two are exactly alike. Brushed with special acrylic paints noted for their durability.....each of our ties imagines something singular.  We use a broad range of colors, patterns and subjects, even reflecting the colors of your favorite sports teams. Our customers often become collectors. Some use their ties as business statements....some just love crowding the boundaries of conventional fashion.  The common thread?  All of our customers enjoy the steady flow of compliments and positive attention Pko ties attract.  Whatever moves your choice, rest sure that it will say something singular about you.


What we are

As a collective of artists, PKo Designs view neckties as that rare element within the professional costume — business, casual or both — that allows an unabashed expression of taste and individuality. There are thousands of ties in the marketplace, from ultra-conservative and subdued, to splashy and colorful.    The rise and success of fashion brands like Betsy Johnson™ and Jerry Garcia™ show us there’s a demand for something exciting and different, something original. But then we see that sort of originality replicated thousands of times and distributed to a mass market....Where’s the art in that?  That’s not us. We at PKoDesigns hand paint every tie we produce, we encourage each piece to evolve on its own in the production process. We make them new one at a time. The heart of our enterprise remains antithetical to mass replication. 

For those of a legal mind, PKo Designs is organized as Washington State LLC, headquartered in Bremerton and infused with a Seattle ethos. PKo has been in the making since 2014.


Who we are

Our collective, while open to many who shares our brand of craziness, has four gifted and fully committed souls ....... so far.


Kent Tompkins

At PKo's helm, Kent found his avocation as an artist in his late twenties when he started working with acrylic paint on glass, plexiglass and canvas.  Collectors came to prize his pieces for their explosive color, grand size and wild-ass subjects  If you preferred subtlety and earth tones, Kent was probably not your guy.  See for yourself at Planetkent.net


Where we came from

Kent Tompkins began wearing ties fifteen years ago at a winning career that required them. Because the position was a perfect fit, and it put bread on the family table and rent reliably in the mail, he capitulated to wearing a tie without whining.  So, as his collection of unique commercial ties grew, so did his interest in these strange and wonderful statements of personal attire. Then, seven years ago, he crafted a set of them for the groom and groomsmen at his daughter’s wedding. The overwhelming delight these novel creatures brought to the guests started a proverbial ball rolling. Sales began...and grew. PKo Designs now stands as the ball’s permanent landing spot.


Where we are going

We intend to grow thoughtfully with ties ever at our core. Artists joining the PKo Design studio will adopt our styles, materials and techniques to their own creative bent, always attuned to the marvel of novelty. As it expands, our back-office will continue to make good on its promise to get your tie(s) to you — not your neighbor — quickly and securely. The same holds for returns.