Tie Care and Use

The materials we use render the PKo tie both sturdy and durable. Our ties have survived dry cleanings quite nicely! Due to the fact that they are hand-painted and not printed, we recommend alerting your dry cleaning service that your piece is an artwork and to be handled with care.

To ensure long-term use, here are some easy and convenient ways to care for your PKo tie:

1. When initially tying your necktie: take the time to make adjustments to determine the exact length you want your tie to be.  Make a snug knot, tie it once.... and your perfect knot and length is ensured.

2. When removing your tie: instead of untying the tie, loosen the ‘noose,’ pull it over your head, and hang it up.....then the next time you wear it, slip it on, cinch it up.... and you are ready to go...!

These techniques help to minimize friction to the applied paint from tying and untying the tie. It also makes putting on and removing the tie much easier!